You may be wondering where the idea for my Giving Bowl came from: Give Love, Give Joy, Give Peace are words that reflect my own personal experience of transformation and the importance of the giving of those three key life-enriching ingredients.
The Giving Bowl is my favourite thing to sell to customers at craft fairs as I cup the bowl in my hands and explain that the love, joy and peace flow from the small cut-out on the rim. Often eyes light up and we make a brief connection. I love that. Pottery that connects.

The painting you see is Ode to Joy #11 from a series of twelve large landscape paintings I created during the time of my personal transformation. I have written a book (well, manuscript at this point) entitled Ode to Joy – An Artist’s Journey , which I would like to get published and am currently seeking representation. It may never happen, I know that, but if there is one thing I do know it is never give up what feels true and right in your heart.