Sharon Laslett

The idea of creating a vessel, with the rich history that surrounds forms made of clay, is one that continually excites me.


The process of throwing, turning and decorating always feels fresh and new to me, each piece taking on a life of its own.

I never rush the decoration and like to sit for a while with the piece on the wheel in front of me to think about how best to compliment its shape.

My inspiration for the decoration comes from a combination of shapes found in nature, memories of light and colour found in California, where I lived for many years, artists such as Matisse and Kandinsky, and highly decorated Turkish Iznik pottery.


My clay of choice is Valentine’s KGM Body, which I love for its smoothness and creamy colour, and the fact that it can also be fired to stoneware temperature. In addition, I use a standard terracotta for those earthy days!

I consider myself an artist and it is for that reason I sign my pots Shaz.
As an artist my aim has always been to share my experience of life hence my Giving Bowls ~ Give Love, Give Joy, Give Peace.

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