It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention and our new venture (my partner and I), the SHABOP SHELF, is no exception.

I was video chatting with my daughter recently, or trying to; my phone kept slipping and sliding and refused to stay balanced upon its charging lead against the bottle of brown sauce upon which I was resting it. Hearing my frustration Bop disappeared into his shed and came out ten minutes later with the first Shabop shelf. What a relief! (And no more cursing)

After some refining of the design I set to with my paint and brushes using a thin wash of paint to highlight the grain of the wood. The black and white “cog” design is originally from a small painting entitled “Life #2 (pollen)”, which I painted back in 2008 after buying an inexpensive microscope. Nothing escaped my scrutiny! What a wonderful invention.

Unashamedly, I am now going to promote The SHABOP SHELF by adding the ebay link, which is
For more choice of colours see my Etsy UK shop ShazartCreations.

P.S. The display phone is wooden!